My only visit to Ireland so far has been a short cycling trip starting in Rosslare Harbour (coming from Wales) in the Southeast to Dublin (leaving to the Isle of Man). Kilkenny was the only settlement of any note we visited besides Dublin. We were fully self-sufficient, equipped with a tent and cooking equipment so we rather stayed out in the nature.

The funniest story from that trip was when we asked at a place who offered bicycle storage in Dublin if it would make a difference if our bikes would be “fully loaded”. No, it wouldn’t. Oh boy, did the girl look as we carried our fully loaded bicycles down the staircase, five bike bags each and a rucksack on top of that.

I have to apologize for the pictures. I was a bad photographer and I had a 3,3 MP camera back then. I urgently need to visit Ireland again to take some nicer shots and do this beautiful country justice.