Saint Petersburg at Night

– visited March/April 2010 –

In 2001 and 2002 I had spent about eleven months in Saint Petersburg. I had just finished school and had to fulfil an obligation to the German government. Military service was still obligatory but you could avoid running around with guns by doing social work and you were allowed to do that in another country. I worked in the children’s hospital No.15 and played with the children. I also took care of Vova, a physically impaired boy of 13 years. That were my tasks.

I enjoyed exploring a new country, being far far away from home and I fell greatly in love with the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg. I have plenty of photographs from my time there but few meet the standard to put them up on this website. In 2010, I returned with a brand-new camera and was taken anew by my beloved Saint Petersburg, especially at night.