Cycling in the Swiss Alps

August 2011: My friend Hannes and me are looking for somewhere to go cycling. It should be beautiful, not too far away and challenging. Why not head to Switzerland? We actually start in Germany (Mittenwald) and cycle a day through Austria along the river Inn before reaching Switzerland. We are in the heart of the mountains now and cross the Albula Pass (2315m), Oberalp Pass (2044m), Furka Pass (2429m) and the Grimsel Pass (2164m). To say goodbye to the mountains we cross the Glaubenberg Pass, at 1543m the lowest but starting in Sarnen at 485m it is still a lovely ascent.

A Swiss friend of mine was sceptical after I told him our route. At least there would be good public transport all along. He sounded like we would need it. I finally checked at the Glaubenberg Pass, not because we needed help but because I wanted to know. Yes, there is a bus, twice a day. Ok, I admit, it is a very small road.

We finish the trip in Basel, a nice city and the river Rhine is good to relax. I have never seen something like this before, people have special waterproof bags where they put their clothes and everything in. On the way home, they just jump into the river and swim for a kilometre or two.