Part of a cycling trip from Greece to Slovenia passing through Macedonia, Albania, Montenegro and Croatia.


We are in a hurry, time to go back home. We planned to take a train from Rijeka in Croatia but there were none so we rode our bikes over the border to take Slovenian trains. Again no bikes on the trains to Austria so we get off in Jesenice and ride up the beautiful valley of the Sava. The Wurzen Pass is the crowning achievement of our trip. Not particularly high but 18% steep.
Some impressions from crossing Slovenia:

I had visited Slovenia for the first time in 2001 with friends also cycling. The analogue pictures from that trip are not worth showing but I can assure you this country is worth a visit. Be it Ljubljana, Bled, Bohinjsko Jezero, the Soča valley, the caves of Škocjanske jame and Postojna or Piran. Go, have a look.