Cycling Norway

In August 2009, together with my friend Hannes, we headed to Norway with our bicycles. The terrain is at times challenging but we were also looking for a challenge, not only going along the rivers in the valley but crossing from valley to valley. We came by ferry from Copenhagen, took a train out of Oslo after a short tour and cycled on. We slept wherever we could put our tent and enjoyed the immensely beautiful landscape. Often, Norway is just breath-taking.

The Rallarvegen, an access road built for the construction of the Oslo – Bergen railway, was the key route we wanted to take. Everything else was arranged around that bit. Travelling in the second half of August we were already outside of high season and had the rallarvegen all to ourselves. In high season that is different, people take the train to Finse and cycle down on rental bikes. Being late in the summer also had a disadvantage, while planning I looked at the map and saw plenty of lakes to take a swim. In reality, we would stand at these lakes and have no desire to swim at all, please give us 10 °C more, or maybe 15.

2009 wasn’t a good summer, the pictures lie on this part but after a few sunny days at the beginning we counted 14 days with rain every single day. The last days were more rain time than dry time, we barely had any dry clothes left. We had to go back to Denmark anyway to catch the train home so we started to have phantasies about sunny Denmark. We cut our time in Norway short by two days, took the bus to catch the ferry to Hirtshals and left. The moment we had made that decision the rain stopped, Norway waved us goodbye with beautiful sun. We arrived in a dry Denmark but the next morning, it was rain again. Norway is a beautiful country even in the rain, clouds lent a certain energy and dynamic to the landscape. Denmark in rain is just plain boring, the terrain is flat, the road is straight for 50 kilometres and the wind blows the rain in your face.

Enough words, I let the pictures tell the story of Norway themselves:

In case it interest you, we roughly followed this route with our bikes: Kongsberg – Notodden – Tuddal – Rjukan – Atra – Geilo – Haugastøl –Finse – Myrdal – Utne – Ænes – Gjerdmundshamn – Onarheim – Leirvik – Langevåg – Haugesund – Arsvågen – Stavanger – Tau – Preikestolen – Forsand – Lysebotn – Sinnes – Sokndal – Flekkefjord – bus to Kristiansand