Hong Kong & Macao

Hong Kong

I am flashed by Hong Kong. I feel so much more at home here than in mainland China. People speak and understand English and I like these dense cities where everything is compressed in a small space. The bathroom in the hostel has less than one square meter, it is not very convenient but everything you need is there. And the setting is beautiful, it reminds me a bit back to Vladivostok on the same trip but Hong Kong is more dramatic, by far. Numerous bays, the sea cuts into the land everywhere and where the land is the terrain is steep. Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island rises to 522m. In the New Territories the mountains reach even higher. And I like skyscrapers, another fact that endears me to this city. I love to take the ferry over from Kowloon to Hong Kong Island where you ride into a sea of skyhigh houses.

The climate is different than anything I ever experienced before. It’s rainy season and it does rain, often and strong. But it is warm, numerous times the same situation develops, I am inside some building, all of them are climatized and actually rather cool. I look outside, see the rain and I am preparing myself for the cold I associate with rain. The doors slide apart and I am hit by a wall of warm humidity. Amazing. I have neither a raincoat nor an umbrella and I don’t have the feeling I need one but someone thinks different, as I search for cover in the entrance of a house a lady who is coming home hands me her umbrella. “Take it, I don’t need it anymore”, they are nice, these people here.


I have only three days but I will be back, my ticket is actually for a return flight, I’ll be back next summer, I’m looking forward to it.

Macao is so close; I take a daytrip… Different flair, also interesting. I order a noodle soup at a small restaurant and try to eat it Chinese style with chopsticks. I does not take long for a member of staff to have mercy and bring me a spoon.