I visited Hong Kong & Macao on a three-month trip travelling back to Germany from China overland that brought me to Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Azerbaijan and Georgia before ending in a Mad Dash Home to make it back in time for Christmas.  
A word of warning. The quality of my pictures from this trip is bad, I was a bad photographer and I had an early digital 3,3 MP camera. Due to a shortage of memory cards I set the resolution down to 1 MP, what a mistake. Taken as memories from this trip, they are still quite enjoyable.

Hong Kong & Macao

On my visit the previous year I was flashed by Hong Kong. I love this place so I planned to spend more time. This lets me explore in more depth, I go to museums, attend a concert, visit temples and old forts. I love this place, for me it is full of energy.

Shek O

I realize how diverse Hong Kong is, it’s not only the city but also nature reserves and beaches. You could go hiking for a full day. Half an hour by bus from Central Hong Kong Island and you are at the village of Shek O with its beautiful beach. But I also see the threat. I take a picture of one of the small villages, around the corner you see the high-rises approaching. How long will the village still be there, when will the high-rises reach it, when will they eat it?

Sha Tin

I also realize the two-sides of the Hong Kong coin, shiny Hong Kong Island is one side but the suburb of Sha Tin is the other. The Temple of the Ten Thousand Buddhas is impressive but otherwise it is drab. Formerly, the sea cut deep into the land but now the water has been pushed out and only a canal remains. Buildings designed not for beauty but at an acceptable price. English-speaking Hong Kong sometimes ends quickly, got to a backstreet and the person behind a food stall might not understand the word “five”.


Again, I take a day to go to Macao. Less glamorous but equally enjoyable.