El Salvador

– visited August 2014 –

I am on a whirlwind tour of Central America; time is short as I have to be in New York soon. But better to get a quick impression of the countries than not getting any impression at all.

I head to the small village of Perquin, home to the Museum of the Revolution and during the Salvadoran Civil War one of the centres of guerrilla activity. In nearby El Mozote, 800 people, half of them children, were massacred by government forces. The American journalist Raymond Bonner, making the atrocity known to the wider world, was vigorously attacked for his entirely correct reporting, that was dismissed as Communist propaganda.

On the way to the capital San Salvador, I read my kindle. People around me tell me I shouldn’t do that, never show your valuable possessions in a public place. Criminality is a problem in South America, but it is even a greater problem in Central America. Walking around San Salvador (with my camera of course) feels weird, honestly, I feel watched all the time.